Do you think you can survive the horror of Liberty city
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 John Hartness

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PostSubject: John Hartness   Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:38 pm

Name:John Hartness

Race:experimental soldier


Skills: regeneration,and the ability to see for miles, the ability to run at high speed and to think at a speed even greater

Weapons:sniper rifle, and a m16

Was raised in a military family that only wanted him to be all he culd be. He was a ssigned to a special forces team who where sent to escort a half moon associate to the high rise complex when every man in his squad was gunned down in the back. When he awoke he was being run through many test. He waited till the time was right he had been fed the g virus and the t virus for 2 years giving him the supernatural strength and speed. Upon escaping from Half Moon he and all his comrads that escaped began to feed on the unexpecting citizens of Liberty city.
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John Hartness
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